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Images Asymptote

Asymptote, 2001
Resin, wool and mixed media on wood,
steel and fiberglass, with electrical element
28 x 40 x 12½ in (71 x 101½ x 31¾ cm)

© Bill Kleiman


Courtesy of Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary

Pronunciation: ˈa-səm(p)-ˌtōt<br /> Function: noun
Etymology: probably from New Latin *asymptotus, from Greek asymptōtos not meeting, from a- + sympiptein to meet — more at symptom
Date: 1656

: a straight line associated with a curve such that as a point moves along an infinite branch of the curve the distance from the point to the line approaches zero and the slope of the curve at the point approaches the slope of the line.

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